A Religion I Like (Series Index)

Telling someone I’m an atheist tells them very little about what I believe or why.  My atheism is just the result of my answer to one question about one truth claim.  Although I disagree with my Catholic boyfriend on many questions of religion, when we mix it up on matters of morality with our postmodernist friends (both atheist and Christian), we almost always end up on the same side.

Therefore, I’d like to spend this week trying to paint a better portrait of what I believe, rather than just discussing what I don’t.  Instead of discussing what bothers me about mainstream Christianity and other religions, I’m going to be exploring the only religious system I’ve ever wished to belong to (and, depending on how you look at it) the only one I’ve ever tried to convert to.

  1. My Attempted Conversion Story – How I encountered this quasi-religion and the leap of faith I made when I tried to join
  2. An Exercise in Arrogance –  One way my pride would make me hesitant to be a Christian, even if I thought its truth-claims were valid
  3. The Summons (Another approach to humility) –  My favorite Catholic hymn, another way of approaching the problem of pride, a guess about why Christians find atheists so terrible.

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