Game plan for the week

I’m in the middle of replacing my (sadly broken) laptop, so rather than start a new series this week, I’m going to try to clear out some backlogged one-shots that have been saved in my drafts folder, as well as writing one more post for the Young Wizards series, plus a wrap-up to respond to your comments.

In the meantime, I’d love computer suggestions in this comment thread if anyone’s got them.  I’ve liked Lenovo in the past, and I’m sorely tempted to return to their IdeaPads.  My main constraints are that I like a big screen, I despise chiclet keyboards, I’m too lame to use Linux (sorry!), and I hate hate hate Excel  for Mac, so therefore will never touch an Apple laptop,

Any ideas?

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  • Dell has always worked for me. HP offers really cheap computers but I've heard they do not work well and have poor customer service.

  • Thanks for the advice, Matt!

  • You should really take another look at Ubuntu…. there is nothing lame about it, and it is very user-friendly. It is also available pre-installed on Dell systems, who I would recommend regardless of OS choice.