RCIA update and more!

I finally heard back from the priests in my parish, and I will not be allowed to attend RCIA classes, even for the inquiry period.  Instead, because there has been increased interest in RCIA from people like me, who want to know more but do not feel a call to convert, the church is setting up three lectures as part of a possibly ongoing series.  The lectures are supposed to provide information about Catholicism both to Catholics and non-Catholics.

I’m a bit disappointed, especially because it sounds like the new lectures are supposed to be entirely factual, rather than being focused on spiritual development.  My main goal in taking RCIA was to do something I couldn’t do on my own.  I appreciate the convenience of the lecture series, but I don’t think it’s intended to teach anything I couldn’t get out of a book.

The only other church-sponsored option I can see is the small Bible study groups the church runs.  I was actually fairly interested, since I tend not to know the weekly readings particularly well, and the groups would be reading and discussing.  However, I have some friends who participated in the program previously, and apparently, a lot of the participants view the Bible study as a ‘safe space’ since they find Yale’s secular culture to be stifling.  I don’t want to try to sign up if my presence is going to spoil it for the Catholics.


I know the last few days have been very low on blogging.  I’ve been busy with a personal project that came to completion today when I went with my boyfriend and his family to the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY.  True to form, I finished sewing the dress below THIS MORNING, but I got it done.  The pattern I used was Butterick 4571, in case anyone is interested, and it was incredibly well written and easy to follow.

Blogging resumes tomorrow!

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  • Well, I can't say St. M. made the wrong decision. Maybe the new lecture series should be tweeked to match better the interests of the participants, but RCIA has always (i.e. in the appr. 20 years it has been in existence) been the venue for people who have already made the decision to convert, or are so near to it as makes no never-mind.Mind you, I'm not a huge fan of the RCIA process as a way of "processing" converts. Ask me, "processed" converts are like processed cheese. In the old days a would-be convert would meet in private with a priest. The discussions could be minutely tailored to each inquirer, subject only to the need to cover certain basics. In theory this procedure (note how I avoid the word "process" this time) could also be adopted to the honestly-interested-but-not-converting.

  • NFQ

    Nice dress! That is extremely awesome.

  • I know at least one person who converted to Catholicism at Yale whose "processing" was done largely through one on one conversations with a priest.

  • @NFQ: Thanks a lot!@David Wagner: I don't have an objection to STM's choice, especially if RCIA is supposed to be only for those who have already chosen to convert. After the first time I met one of the priests last term, he suggested I join RCIA for the Inquiry period, as it was open to anyone with questions. Apparently they changed their minds.

  • Looked it up. They still explain it online as:"The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is for non-Catholics interested in exploring the Catholic faith and learning more about the Catholic Church"

  • It's probably different on a college campus, but for the most part, RCIA is for people who want to turn Catholic quick in order to get married. It may not be the best place to look for serious, take-no-prisoners theological discussion.But that's what you want, there are other places to look.

  • Isa

    Wow Leah! You are exploring so many interesting ideas and experiences! Challenging the Catholic Church while pursuing a feminine sewing project followed be archery in your new AWESOME dress!!! I love it all!

  • Re Kevin- do you guys just dial it back when I'm there? 😛