Guest Posting and a New Year’s Challenge

Two exciting new developments for this interholiday week:

Early on in the Eight Questions series, three commenters got into a long, detailed arguments about why there is regularity or law in nature and how well equipped humans are to detect order in the first place.  They’re at 91 comments and counting, but I imagine the discussion slipped off the radar of most readers.  Therefore, after January first, I’ll be kicking off the new year with guest posts from Eli, Lukas, and possibly March Hare.  I look forward to posting their arguments and getting to engage their ideas in a better format.

Don’t forget, if you ever have a strong response to something written on this blog and you’d like the opportunity to guest blog, contact me at leah (dot) libresco (at) yale (dot) edu.

I’m also looking for advice for New Year’s Resolutions.  In the past year, I’ve attended Mass almost every week, read a number of apologetic works, and argued about Christianity with a priest, a deacon, all of you, and, of course, my Catholic boyfriend.  So if you have suggestions for books, interlocutors, or experiences that ought to change my mind, post them in in the comments.  I’ll take a look at all suggestions and pick a couple to add this year.

Similarly, if anyone has any suggestions of books I should recommend to my boyfriend, I’d appreciate it.

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