An Attraction to Orthodoxy (Series)

As part of my Sunday’s Good Book series, I posted about G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy and explained that there was a lot that I found compelling and challenging about his philosophy.  Since that’s a sorta weird thing for an atheist to say, discussion ensued and is ongoing.  Here’s all the posts on this topic to date:


  1. I Assign You Reading! – As a prelude to my discussion of Chesterton, I highlighted an essay by Eve Tushnet about when, if ever, people should let their ethics refute their metaphysics, instead of vice versa
  2. Testing the Truth-Telling Thing – My big overview of the questions Chesterton raises for me
  3. Chesterton Aftermath – Starting to work my way through commenters questions.  Up first: Empiricism, theology, and non-overlapping magisteria
  4. Picking and Choosing my Metaphysics – How do you choose between two theories that both do a semi-decent job of explaining the facts you’re sure of?
  5. “I was born and bred in a paradox patch!” – How do you address a metaphysics unapologetically grounded in contradiction?  I suspect my beliefs follow the same patterns (and fall into the same traps) as do Chesterton’s.
Feel free to continue to post questions on my first response to the book or to ask more specific questions on any of the subsequent posts.
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