A bit of Pomp and Circumstance

Commencement bore little resemblance to this, but that’s my only complaint


I am now a Yale alum (and the hustle and bustle of move out and commencement is to blame for a lack of updates here or at my guestblogging gig at Daylight Atheism.  I should have actual content for you all tomorrow (and perhaps some reflections later in the week after seeing The Book of Mormon tonight with my family for a graduation present).  In the meantime, I hope I can placate you with some pictures from graduation.

And it wouldn’t have been college if I hadn’t overscheduled and ended up having to pull one last all-nighter.  I stayed up all the way through the night before Commencement because I was bound and determined to make the dress I wore to the ceremony.  I finished about 15 minutes before the diplomas were given out.  (It’s a Butterick B5282, if you’re interested)

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  • Congratulations!Your dress is beautiful, I love how the fabric falls.

  • Michael Haycock

    Ooh, we shall have to talk about the musical before I leave for Europe on Friday afternoon!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations! I have been reading on and off for a while, and somehow I must have missed that you were a Yale student. I just started a summer internship in the graduate housing office. If you have any recomendations of places I simply need to experience before I go back to MI in August, I would love to hear them!Derek D

  • Thanks for the good wishes. Derek, here's my list of to dos in New Haven:-Get a sandwich from the cheese truck-Make sure you visit the music library in Sterling (it used to be a courtyard, and then they put a roof on it)-Pay attention to the School of Drama and the Cabaret to see if there are neat theatre things going on-Try and end up on email lists so you know if there are interesting lectures or conferences you can drop in onEnjoy!

  • Congratulations, Leah! This is an accomplishment well worth celebrating. And thanks again for minding the store on my site while I was away.