Housekeeping Note

In a half hour, I’m going to get on a train and lose access to the internet for most of the weekend.  So, even though there are a lot of good questions and comments piling up in the Sex Soup Nazi post, I won’t get to them before Monday, and I may not be as quick to rescue comments Blogger tags as spam.

I promise I will get to engage with you guys, so keep the discussion going in my absense.  For now, let me just clarify a little by saying that I do think an equitable solution will limit guys’ options to back out unilaterally, even though abortion keeps that option open for women.  I’ll try to tackle the why when I get back.

And in case you’re wondering where I’m off to, I’m visiting my boyfriend and going to a Renaissance Faire with him and his parents.  My housemates and I maintain an illustrated whiteboard calendar, and the picture above is my depiction of my boyfriend and I in our costumes for the weekend.  I made mine last year and finished his surcoat this week (with the help of a Battlestar Galactica marathon).  So when I get back, I’ll make sure to share a real photograph of the scene above.

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  • Julie Robison

    Love the picture! Have fun!!

  • Christian H

    Ooooooo…. I've always wanted to go to a RenFair.

  • Joe

    I hope the RenFair is better then the midevil fairs I've been too. They tend to turn into a bunch of people dressed as LoR characters or other fantasy creatures.

  • Brian Green

    Have fun!