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This marks the 400th post on this blog, so it’s time for a roundup of strange search terms that led people to this blog.  You can refer back to previous roundups to see how the perceived character of the blog has changed.  Now, take it away, Google!

You know I like data, but my political science major doesn’t prepare me to help the person looking for statistics of why believing in santa claus is harmful.  I’m similarly at a loss for the person trying to solve the gay marriage free-rider problem or setting up a case study of transhumanism babies.  But send me your journal articles once you get the ball rolling, guys!

There were a lot of people who came here with questions, and I’ve tried to pair them up with other search terms that might provide an answer (though I won’t answer for the quality of the advice!):

Q: what to do when your mind thinks like an athiest

A: life is empty and meaningless + cartoons

Q: i need a prayer for me to pray for my boyfriend who do me wrong
A: consequence of using consecrated host in voodoo

Q: gifts for a scotsman
A: jesus heals ten lepers coloring page

I don’t know what the following people were looking for, but I hope they find it and come back to share it with me:

  • spinoza voldemort
  • quick and easy neck ruff
  • muppets rizzo fanfic

Finally, the ‘most on-the-nose’ prize goes to the person searching for geeky atheist picks a fight, but I’m willing to award honorable mentions to i love epidemiology and non euclidian crochet.

Still, stacking those three up against the wide range of bizarro inputs, I’d say it looks like bad news for the person who claims i am not an atheist i believe in google.

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  • Hehe! I should publish some of the funny ones. My favorite one is "american indian clothing." Two words: no clue. The other ones involve Mary, Calvin and Hobbes and Gucci ads. Not bad!