Help Me Pick My Reason Rally Sign!

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The Reason Rally is taking place in DC this coming weekend, so I’ve got to make my sign for the march during the week.  And given that I’ve still got to do makeup tests for the midnight showing of The Hunger Games (I’m dressing up as a bloodied Tribute, and I’ve not used liquid latex and modeling wax before), I could use a little help.

The Rally goes on from 10am-6pm, and I think that’s too long to just stick with one sign.  Luckily, I’ve got a big bolt of muslin and some paint, so I’m thinking I might make a couple sign ‘sleeves’ I can switch out and roll up during the day.  I’m handling the engineering, so I thought maybe you guys could help writing copy.

I’m sure a lot of the other attendees will cover the witty-jibes-against-religion angle, so I’d be much obliged for any pithy slogans I could use to promote the things I do believe in:

  • Virtue Ethics
  • Transhumanism
  • Talking about metaphysics generally
  • Statistics (If I just put Bayes’ Theorem on a sign, is that a little much?)
  • Sundry other weird things I tend to promote on this blog

I’m sure I’m going to make a lot of friends!

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  • Glad you’re coming and glad you’re making signs! Don’t forget the National Park rules on sign-building (no sticks or poles – anything that could be made into a potential weapon). Looking forward to seeing your handiwork!

  • Would you be allowed in if you used Bayes theorem? He was a minister, after all.

  • Jake

    “Hello. My name is Thomas Bayes. You killed my belief. Prepare to have your priors updated.”

    If I believe both virtue ethics and consequentialism, does that make me a moral double agent?

    Apple falls from tree: Newtonian Physics
    Apple disappears from branch and reappears on ground: Quantum Physics
    Apple stops halfway to consider whether it exists: Metaphysics

    Transhumanist: One who secretly wants the Harry Potter world to be real

  • deiseach

    If you do see any witty jibes against religion, please share them! I could do with a few witty ones (as against the usual “religion is for big fat poopy-heads” level I generally see).

    For virtue ethics, is it too sneaky (seeing this is a secular gathering) to quote St. Augustine? “Virtue is good use of free will”.

  • Ray

    “Talking about metaphysics generally”

    I think you need a lot more than a pithy slogan to advocate for this one. If you are advocating against abandoning discussion of claims on the basis that they might be metaphysical, I think I may even agree. If on the other hand, you are advocating some sort of principled distinction between metaphysical and non-metaphysical claims, I think you need to answer the following two questions:

    1) How does one distinguish between metaphysical and non-metaphysical questions?

    2) How does knowing whether a question is metaphysical or not help a person answer it?

  • “Metaphysics is for those who can’t take reality.”


    “The unexamined assumption isn’t worth believing.”

    or maybe

    “Give me a good reason to care about reason.”

    Maybe I’ll see you there….

    • Daniel A. Duran

      “Metaphysics is for those who can’t take reality.”

      Nice bit of metaphysical thinking there. 😉

  • Sneffy

    I would consider Bayes Theorem on a sign to be an excellent thing to take to a Reason Rally