“It is an honour I dream not of”

(made by a friend)

I have a somewhat lengthy post lined up for tomorrow, so, for today, just an amusing story.  A group of my friends are playing Dungeons and Dragons, and recently fessed up that I feature in the backstory of one of the villainous characters.  One of my friends is playing as a pyromaniac fallen paladin (in DnD, a Paladin is a lawful good character class that are holy knights, consecrated to a particular god in the DnD pantheon).

But why is he a fallen paladin?  Well, apparently, my friends used my blog as inspiration for his crusading order and imagined a community of theologian-mathmaticians.  When the character couldn’t hack the high level theory, he went mad, and swore to blot out the world of Math,Truth, and Goodness that he had failed to grasp.

Please consider this my apology to all the NPCs he’s torched and a warning that reading this blog may be hazardous to your soul and/or alignment.

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  • Ben L

    Instantly one of my favorite posts.

  • http://a-star-of-hope.blogspot.com JoAnna

    I call those types of characters “Lawful insane.”

  • http://exultet.blogspot.com Roz

    I honor and applaud the journey you describe in the following post, but I just had to tell you that the captioned photo here made me involuntarily expectorate.

  • http://prodigalnomore.wordpress.com/ The Ubiquitous

    Alignment jokes remind me of Batman.

  • http://www.apelosurgentes.com.br Tony

    Our Lady is appearing in Brazil. See her messages on the website http://www.apelosurgentes.com.br/english