“We estimate 90% of customers will have power restored by July 6th”

Whelp, it looks like you won’t be seeing that much of me over the course of the week.  You know it’s bad when you’re upset that the power company dealt with the live wire lying across your street.  It may have been a hazard, but it was supplying me with sweet, sweet, electricity.  The cell towers in my neighborhood have been hit pretty bad by the storm, too, so I can’t even keep up with Google Reader and comments with my phone.  Don’t worry about me, though.  I’ve got a maglite, batteries, and books.

So, in the meantime, I’ll be throwing up about a post per day linking you to some interesting longer form post elsewhere.  If I cadge time and wifi in a Starbucks, I may do some shorter posts of my own.  But no guarantees; it’s a mishegas over here.  To wit:

In case you can’t tell, that’s two shaped loaves of Extra Tangy Sourdough Bread riding the DC metro with me.  You see, they were halfway through rising when the power cut out, and the nice people at the King Arthur Baker’s Helpline told me I’d have to bake them soon or lose the dough.

I walked up and down my street, knocking on doors and asking the neighbors if they had an over that was controlled by knobs, not electrical inputs.  No dice.  I tried to figure out if DC has a Cory Booker equivalent, but nothing doing.  So I walked a block or two over, where I had cell service, and started calling all my DC friends, til I found someone in Adams Morgan with power.

The bread actually still turned out delicious (though I have to cut the very bottom off of each slice, since I mistook wax paper for parchment paper).  And it’s a lucky thing, since we’re throwing out everything in the fridge today, and it looks like I’ll be living on (really yummy) bread and water.

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