“Seatbelts, everyone!”

“Bus, do your stuff!”

As several of you guessed, this year I was Ms Frizzle from The Magic Schoolbus for Halloween.  If you (sadly) aren’t familiar with the PBS show and the tv show, here’s the theme song and intro:


Ms Frizzle’s dress always matched the curriculum for that installment, so I’ve got a belt and sleeve trim made of streptococci bacteria that are being consumed by white blood cells.  There are red blood cells all over the dress, but some of them are ruptured and are spilling out the malaria parasites that destroyed them.  On my back is a T4 bacteriophage.

Unfortunately, one of our party guests isn’t known for being a fan of PBS characters or public school teachers, so I had a narrow escape from the man from Bane Capital.

Happy Halloween all!  Let me know what you dressed as and how you did it!  And remember to take chances! Make mistakes!  and get messy!

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  • Mitchell Porter

    I take pride in having recognized the T4 before I read the text. And the binder’s pretty funny too. Binders full of phages!

  • Cous

    Liz = nice touch

  • Rachel K

    *slow clap*

  • jenesaispas

    Well done it looks really good!

  • It’s fantastic!

    I ended up sending GeekBaby out in his pjs as Buzz Lightyear. I’m in the vicious throws of morning sickness, so I negotiated a year long grace period on the Gunslinger cyborg in favor of knitting a purple hood and drawing on th chin squiggle with my eyeliner. Still don’t’ know how I’ll bring the cyborg in under budget though…

  • I had half an hour to think of a costume that involved nothing that had to be bought or made. Forced to improvise, I donned a lab coat and pink sunglasses and claimed that I was “the dude from The Human Centipede going to a rave”.