Love Applied to Charity and Fighting in New Haven

(Ragesoss / Wikimedia Commons)
Sterling Library + Women’s Table
(Ragesoss / Wikimedia Commons)

I’m making speaking appearances in New Haven today and tomorrow, so here’s a heads up for students in the area.


Effective Altruism and Caritas

Yale Effective Altruists

Monday, Feb 16, 5pm

JE Dining Hall

When looking for high-impact opportunities to give, how should we weight the effect that different ways of giving have on the giver?  If you get the most bang for your charity buck abroad, how will you stay engaged with the needs of the people around you and avoid becoming desensitized to sub-optimal asks?



Debating Your Enemy as an Act of Love

Catholic Law Students’ Association

Tuesday, Feb 17, 9am

YLS Rm 111

Turn a fight into an opportunity to see and love your enemy better, and, as a result, leave both you and your interlocutor more open to recieving God’s love and acknowledging if you’re in error.




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