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Leah Anthony Libresco graduated from Yale in 2011. She works as a statistician for a school in Washington D.C. by day, and by night writes for Patheos about theology, philosophy, and math at www.patheos.com/blogs/unequallyyoked. She was received into the Catholic Church in November 2012."

Life Lessons that Can’t be Taught at College’s Scale


In Ethika Politika, Margaret Blume explains why she's preferred her studies at Notre Dame to her undergrad years at Yale, my own alma mater.  Yale has distribution requirements (Writing, Science, Humanities, Quantitative Reasoning, etc), but no single course is required -- your math credit can come from econ or astronomy or set theory.  Blume found that the Chinese menu course of study left her and some of her classmates feeling ungrounded: Yale’s system, which does not include theology and is b … [Read more...]

The Word Gap Needs More Than Individual Effort

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I'm posting at Fare Forward today, talking about the word gap, and why solutions should include structural reform of work schedules, wages, and zoning -- not just increased effort from individual parents: Poorer children start falling behind the richer children in their age cohort long before they toddle off to their first day of school or sit down for their first standardized test. Before formal instruction begins, children learn from their parents. Poorer children fall into a “word gap”—they h … [Read more...]

Sad Stories of the Deaths of Kings (and Queens) [Radio Readings]

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You can listen to “Fights in Good Faith,” my weekly radio program, streaming today at 5pm ET and tomorrow (Sun) at 1pm.  The episode is now available to download and stream.In the past week, I've watched the entire BBC Hollow Crown cycle (Richard II, Henry IV pt 1, Henry IV pt 2, and Henry V), the Folger Theatre production of Mary Stuart, and not watched House of Cards, so this week's episode is themed around stories of power and legitimacy.Every week, I put up a “Radio Readings” post … [Read more...]

7QT: Stoicism Man, Semi-Imaginary Money, and Second Moons

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--- 1 --- Did you know that Earth has a second moon?   Because I sure as heck did not (I'm in the lucky 10,000!).  Apparently, the astronomical body 3753 Cruithne is also in orbit around the Earth, but its orbit is bizarrely convoluted -- to the point where it takes 800 years for it to make a full, wobbly circuit.  io9 has all the details. --- 2 --- And if you're trying to learn other, unknown-to-you, sometimes terrifyingly interlooped ideas, Existential Comics has a "How to Study Philosophy" … [Read more...]

Can’t I Love You Into Being Happy?

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When Ellery Weil guest posted yesterday on The Last 5 Years and the demanding kind of support that Jamie offers Cathy, I realized that Jaime could have benefited from internalizing a meme I've seen floating around on tumblr.Golbats for Equality spun up a quote from Nidoqueen into this image:In the musical, Jaime doesn't know how to coexist with Cathy's misery and exhaustion.  He does try to help, in good faith, but I think Ellery is right that Jaime needs to feel like his help is wo … [Read more...]

The Story of Shmuel and Tailoring Support [Guest Post]

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This is a guest post by Ellery Weil on The Last 5 Years. I've included a video clip of a "Story of Shmuel" performance, but it's not the one Ellery is discussing.The Last Five Years is a story of love lost, or maybe love that was never really there. But more than that, it’s a story about the different shapes “support” can take, depending on the person who needs it, and how easy it is for people’s attempts to support each other to backfire without proper communication. One of the main issues p … [Read more...]

Effective Altruism and Caritas [Radio Readings]


You can listen to “Fights in Good Faith,” my weekly radio program, streaming today at 5pm ET and tomorrow (Sun) at 1pm.  The audio is now available to stream and download. This week’s program is about the Effective Altruism movement ways to resolve tensions between its recommendations and the Christian aim of charity.  I gave a talk on this topic earlier this week as a guest of the Yale Effective Altruists.Every week, I put up a “Radio Readings” post, so you can track down the books, article … [Read more...]