Offering hospitality to introverts, athletes, and other strange-to-me types

walk and talk

In the last week, I've run into two great pieces on how to offer hospitality, both by creating and supporting "third places" (a third place, apart from the home or the office for fellowship) or in one-to-one encounters.  Both these pieces don't just make actionable, concrete suggestions, they fill in lacuna in my own way of thinking about hospitality, blind spots created both by the way I prefer to socialize and my socioeconomic status.First up, Richard Beck of Expermental Theology points … [Read more...]

Learning the Dragonslayer’s Laughter [Saints Bookclub]

World War I recruitment poster (public domain)

In 2015, I’m reading and blogging through Ronald Knox’s collection of sermons on Christian exemplars, Captive Flames: On Selected Saints and Christian Heroes.  Every Monday, I’ll be writing about the next portrait in the book, so you’re welcome to peruse them all and/or read along.In his sermon on St. George, Knox focuses primarily on why England would choose this saint as its patron, and what this reflects about England itself.  It makes sense that Knox looks past the saint at what the c … [Read more...]

Cultivating Openness to Truth During Fights [Radio Readings]


You can listen to “Fights in Good Faith,” my weekly radio program, streaming today at 5pm ET and tomorrow (Sun) at 1pm.  And the episode is now available to stream (and download!)This week's program is adapted from a talk I gave at St. Dominic's in San Francisco on "Cultivating Openness to Truth."  Thanks so much to the parish for hosting me and to the parishioners and guests for asking such good questions -- those questions are what informed the last segment of the show today.Every w … [Read more...]

7QT: Translation, Codebreaking, and other language games


  If you're sorry to have missed my talk in San Francisco on "Cultivating Openness to Truth" this week, tune into my radio show tomorrow at 5pm ET -- I'll be covering the highlights.  And, for those of you who can't catch the livestream, my program is beta-testing Real Life Radio's downloadable podcasts, specifically because several of you wrote in to ask for that feature. --- 1 --- In three weeks, I'm really looking forward to attending Mary Stuart at the Folger and I' … [Read more...]

When it’s illegal to live with your friends…

doubled beds

There are two reasons why I recommended that friends who want to cultivate deeper relationships with each other move into apartment buildings yesterday.  The first reason is simply that they're convenient.  When a building is large enough, it's relatively easy to find an open unit in your friend's building to move into (especially if you live in a high turnover town, like I do).  Plus, apartment buildings let you be neighbors (in terms of a 5 minute door-to-door distance) without actually having … [Read more...]

Love and Real Estate, All About Location, Location Location

(cc Wikimedia Commons)

The best living experience I've had was definitely in college.   The density of people meant that third places were everywhere -- dining halls, courtyards, and coffee shops that I could sit in and be stumbled across by friends, and settle in for conversation and companionship.  It's hard to replicate as an adult, because, even though I'm fortunate to have a lot of the people I care about all live in one city, we live up to an hour from each other, so all meetings tend to be scheduled.  There's no … [Read more...]

A Fired-Up, Fusty Witness to Christian Faith [Saints Bookclub]

(Saint Cecilia in St Mary The Virgin in Little Wymondley cc Wikimedia Commons)

In 2015, I'm reading and blogging through Ronald Knox's collection of sermons on Christian exemplars, Captive Flames: On Selected Saints and Christian Heroes.  Every Monday, I'll be writing about the next portrait in the book, so you're welcome to peruse them all and/or read along.The first sermon in the book is on Saint Cecilia, who Knox sees as a model for ordinary Christians, who may feel they have no particularly saintly challenges to face.  He contrasts St. Cecilia with St. Cath … [Read more...]