Parenting with Shifting Faith – Kathy Escobar

“When you read the Bible, you are wondering how in the (expletive) am I supposed to explain this to my children?”

“You have parents, inlays, or family members who are worried about your salvation and the future of their grandkids.”

“You feel like you are on a  slippery slope and not sure if you’ll survive the landing.”

“You dread hearing what your kids might have learned in their Sunday School class.”

If you answered yes to the above, you are parenting with shifting faith. Kathy Escobar, author of Faith Shift, chats with me in my Facebook group, Raising Children Unfundamentalist, Check out our conversation here:

Get a free download of a Christian parenting manifesto that helps us guide children into healthy spirituality + a guide on How to Raise a Feminist Son + the most helpful parenting resources with progressive values.

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