There is an extraordinary leader in Peru who is doing great things with his team of missionaries. During a call recently, he told me that He did not feel like the Lord was present in their ministry. He said he had called out to God, invited Him into their space, but they were not getting any answers. Of course, the problem with asking God to show up is that He is already there. He is not shackled by our permission;… Read more

Our lives are a cash grab. And there is nothing more valuable than the currency of control. If we can determine the parameters, we believe, we can determine the outcomes. Control is the force-field we use to protect our fears. It is the cloud we use to carry our dreams and desires. The problem is that we cannot control all that much. And as things spiral away from our tiny power to contain, our emotions skyrocket and our ability to… Read more

Likely, when you think about the possibility of living in New York, you have one of two reactions: ‘Yes, please!’ or ‘No! Never.’ The frenzy of New York City has its plusses and its minuses. The pulse of the city is contagious. It makes you feel as if you are a part of something bigger than yourself. It shoots energy through your veins. On the other hand, it can zap you, overloading your energy. It can make you feel lost… Read more

Putting out fires. Course correcting. Damage Control. Righting the ship. There are a dozen different ways to describe our efforts to get on the right track. One of the secrets is that getting off the wrong track and entering the right one do not necessarily go hand in hand. A few weeks ago, my wife Kylie was on the phone with a woman named Candace. Candace is leading a team of missionaries in Belarus. They are teaching ESL classes, working… Read more

Yesterday, I was watching a set of pigeons waddling around Washington Square Park. I have no idea what they were doing, but there was this one big fat pigeon at the front of the pack. It sort of looked like they were following him, something like a kids’ game. A couple times some of the weaker pigeons tried to flutter in front of him and the big fatty snapped at them, biting at their necks and sending them cowering back… Read more

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