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Is there a vocation in seeing?

What might it mean to see one’s work as a calling? Does it make any difference at all? What does it mean to “see” in a way that implicates the seer, and the ones who see? The photographer, and those who see the world through his lens? [Read more…]

The sacramental character of our callings

Day after day we work away at this, sometimes traveling far and wide, making the case for the sacramental character of our callings, whatever they may be. Yesterday that took me to Pittsburgh, and I even spent part of the day with someone who milks cows. Sort of. [Read more…]

The economics of mutuality, and more

At its core “the economics of mutuality” is a critique of the hyper-individualism and corporate myopia of Milton Friedman’s University of Chicago “school,” which is summed up by these words, “The sole purpose of business is to maximize shareholder profit.” [Read more…]

Hints of hope

In the complexity of the modern-becoming-postmodern world, full as it is of personal and familial wounds as well as systemic and societal wrongs, what is our responsibility? What in fact does it mean to be responsible? Can we do anything? Should we? [Read more…]