St. John’s Eve Blessing Water Recipe

St. John’s Eve Voodoo Blessing Ceremony preparations 2014, photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

St. John’s Eve is thought of as the holiest day of the year in the New Orleans Voodoo tradition. Much of its popularity is due to the famous Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau who, it is believed, held large ceremonies for St. John Eve on the Bayou St. John and Lake Ponchartrain. There is much myth and misconception about this pioneering woman; for more information, please read the Real Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.

St. John’s Eve is celebrated traditionally on June 23rd. It was a sacred time occurring right around the solstice, a magickal time for light, joy, and blessings ! The following can be used as a blessing water for your self and home. Use liberally !

St. John’s Eve Blessing Water Recipe

Holy Water

River or Bayou Water (Preferably from the Mississippi or even better the Bayou St. John)

Florida Water

3 drops Frankincense Oil

1 handfuls white rose petals

Mix together equal parts of the three waters, along with the oil and rose petals. Take the mixture and make the sign of the cross with it in the air. It is now ready to use for blessings.

For those of you in NYC please join us for our annual St. John’s Eve Ceremony — this year we are having a Voodoo Blessing and BBQ at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Sunday June 22nd 11:30 am (weather permitting.) There will be a chance to leave offerings, ask questions and gather together on this holiest day of Voodoo. Look for us near the BBQ area, bring offerings of flowers, fruit, and your smile!

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