After-Life Alert : 5 Ways to Communicate with the Dead

Almost Dead photo by Keoni Cabral. Text added. Licensed under CC 2.0
Almost Dead photo by Keoni Cabral. Text added. Licensed under CC 2.0

Like any good Sci-Fi fan, I am a big lover of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Their recent return with the bit about After-Life Alert has got me thinking. If you haven’t seen the show you can catch the latest season on Netflix.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 The Return in Series 1 Episode 3 talks about After-Life Alert, and invention that deals with crisis after someone dies.  The evil son of tv’s frank, played brilliantly by Patton Oswalt, gets an alert ” I’ve fallen into the 6th level of Purgatory and I can’t get up.” This makes a hilarious comedy sketch, but I want to say it’s funny because it’s true. As a spiritual practitioner very often I come across energy from those people who have passed. It could be positive, negative or anything in-between, a bit like the issues of the living. I believe it’s in everyone’s best interest to have an effective way of dealing with these messages. Maybe something can be done to help the dead, or maybe something needs to be done to protect yourself. So how do you figure out what’s going on and how to handle it ?

5 Ways To Communicate With The Dead

  1. Set up an Ancestor feast table. Many Pagans are familiar with the setting up an Ancestor Feast table at Samhain, this is usually referred to as a Dumb Supper. In my post Appetite for Ancestors I describe this custom: “Most simply put this is a meal laid out for the ancestors and left for them to consume in silence. There is much lively debate as to the origins of this custom, and like many great ideas it most probably sprang up in many different cultures at once: Scottish, Irish, Pan-African, Pan-Asian, and more. Actually if I turn my anthropologist’s brain towards the problem I realize modern western culture is probably the only place that the custom of feeding one’s dead has virtually disappeared…. It makes sense both logically and intuitively to feed one’s ancestors. My best advice is to feed them the foods they loved in life.”
  2. Use tarot cards or another form of divination. Sometimes there will be clues or signals from the After-Life. These can come in the form flickering lights, unexplained noises, temperature changes, mysterious scents, and more. The first thing to do is to remain calm, then you can begin to perform divination to discover what is behind the happenings. When doing divination about the After-Life it may be helpful to change your normal method of divination. For example if you are used to tarot cards then try using a pendulum, or vice versa. If you are unsure about what your readings are saying, please consult me or another psychic professional.
  3. Visit the Cemetery. Cemeteries are also known as houses of the Dead. If you are trying to communicate with the Dead it makes sense to go where they are, in their physical form at least. While you are at the cemetery try to still your mind, and ask for clarity on the matter at hand. It will help to leave offerings, these can be in the form of money, coffee, liquor, tobacco, flowers or other items.
  4. Light a candle. Lighting a candle can help to bring insight and protection in the matter at hand. If the candle goes out immediately it may mean you need to light a different color candle, or perform some divination. If there is a specific question or situation you need help with, write out your question is on a piece of paper and place under the candle.
  5. Create an ancestor altar. Anyone can create an altar or shrine for the ancestors. It is a great way to begin to open up your spiritual avenues. This can include photos of the Dead and items they used while alive. If you need more guidance please see my post Frequently Asked Questions About Ancestor Altars.


Offerings on Oliver Reed's grave photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.
Offerings on Oliver Reed’s grave photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

There are many more ways of contacting and communicating with the Dead than I can list here. What are your favorites ? Please share them with me in the comments below. As always if you have enjoyed what you read here please remember to share, share, share on social media !

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