Have you ever considered slowing down? Sinking into a tub of Epsom salts filled with fresh rose petals and melting down into the warm waters? Once there even trying to meditate or perhaps even a little spirit flight? Read more

Almost as soon as I started to learn belly dance I became interested in the sacred aspect of movement. Over the years I studied many different forms of dance, mostly focusing around Middle Eastern culture. I studied Ballet and Folk dances as well. Only a few years after I began dancing I attended a sacred dance workshop and not too long after that I began to study different forms of sacred dance. I was invited to observe and partake in an Umbanda ritual and from then on I knew that Dancing was part of my magical path. Read more

Being a Pagan or Witch in today’s world means adapting to our modern lives. Though many of us wish we lived in the forest or at the edge of a little town, and some are lucky enough to, it is more likely to find the modern Pagan in the city or suburb. Read more

The Avalonian Water Witch has many tools, ranging everywhere from Ritual Knives to Cobalt Antique Jars. Read more

Everything we experience in life informs us and changes us. Every time I meet another water protector I would be revitalized and new creativity would come into my life. Read more

Pagan Pride Day is a celebrated in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and is beginning to emerge throughout Europe in places like the Czech Republic Read more

Can you hear her call? Can you hear the water whisper in your ear? See me, Feel me, Need me. Have you heard the sirens sweet song change to frustration and now anger? Read more

I found that taking a sacred approach to my art not only connected me to the element and the sacred but it took me deeper in my own spiritual work and devotion. Read more

Are Sea Witches and Water Witches the same? This was a question asked in a group this week and I thought, well heck! That is a great question and there are going to be a bouquet of answers so this would make a pretty great blog post! First let’s start by defining what a Sea Witch is and what a Water Witch is. Though these definitions are my own based on what the general witch/ pagan population is defining them… Read more

I arrived at the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia on Friday. The lobby already had some familiar faces and the vending room was tempting me. Our room wasn’t quite ready, and we had brought our mischievous pup with us, so we drove around in the air conditioning till the room was ready. We ended up with a pretty nice suite. I’m not sure if we were upgraded because of all the trouble checking in, or if that was the room… Read more

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