Archives for July 14, 2011

Sleaze, Slant, and Assassination

The New York Times can’t stop reporting on “The News of the World” debacle.  They run two or more “news” articles a day and throw in an editorial --- just in case the editorializing isn’t finished.  They devoted only one article to the work of American Bridge and stuck to “just the facts.” Aaron Fielding quietly stalks his prey — Republicans — with his video camera, patiently waiting for a political moment worthy of YouTube.  At 27, he is a full-time “tracker” for American Bridge 21st Century, a … [Read more...]

Signs and Wonders

Nothing I said in What God Wants for your Life got me into more trouble than the chapter on signs and wonders:Don’t you believe in miracles?Don’t you believe that God is active in the world?Don’t you believe in the power of prayerYes…but I don’t believe that signs and wonders are necessarily indicative of the will of God.  Sometimes the exceptional is just exceptional.For example: I made a major move in employment some years ago --- prayerfully, I might add --- on the basis of what I fe … [Read more...]