A Pastor’s Lament For Newtown

Pastors are supposed to have answers…tonight I don’t have any answers, I only have a lament. A lament for the Newtown, Connecticut. A lament for the folks who lost a loved one today. A lament for those who will have to try put pieces back together in their fragmented world. A lament to the coming Christ who we need now more than ever. I don’t have answers…all I have is a lament.

Outlaw Theology With The Whiskey Preacher
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  • http://nathanjhill.com Nathan Hill

    Thanks for those words. I’m right there with you. “I don’t know.”

  • Snoo-per

    The CT state Spokesman sounded more comforting, reassuring and sympathetic that the pastor. It was a good occasion to offer spiritual and scriptural explanation, sound hope (free from accusing God by uttering meaningless slogans in the sense that he wanted more angels in heaven), and comforting words. But the pastor failed. Just empty laments and rhetoric.

  • http://www.kappellomedia.com katherine

    If he understood theology, he would have an answer, even if not very comforting in the moment. The answer is that the material, which is why Christ said his people should be in, but not of this world, and not focus on self, on instant and self gratification etc.., is heavily influences by Satan, so bad things will happen, but every situation, and I know this from my own life with Fibromyalgia etc… can be made to work for good and faith, not religion, but faith and spirituality have helped me throughout life. In essence, we live in Satan’s realm, a world of physical and mental corruption, zero set morals, ethics and thus the world will suck for different reasons.