What Is Church? With Brian McLaren

What Is Church? Life In The Trinity Ministries, where Brian McLaren is the “Resident Theologian,” proposed this question as their conference theme this past weekend here in Fort Worth. In the latest episode of Outlaw Theology, Brian pontificates his musings as he answers the question, “What Is Church?”

Outlaw Theology With The Whiskey Preacher
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  • rvs

    Thanks for this. I would add that mysticism is a key ingredient in defining The Church. Church = a mystical-cosmological dynamic force–sort of like the Noosphere, only better.

  • Steve

    Two things in this conversation were notable by their absence.

    The first was the absence of the descriptions of “the Church” from the Bible. I thought this conversation would involve questions like: “What did Jesus have in mind when He founded a Church? What was its mission? What was its structure, if any? How was it led?” I was very confused when none of these questions came up. Even more confused when I realized the word “Jesus” wasn’t said during the whole interview. (Correct me if I’m wrong there)

    The second thing I noticed was when your guest said the core mission of the Church was “the common good”. Hey, I love the common good… but nothing about saving souls? Nothing about showing people the way to Christ? It seems to me that spreading the Gospel is the core mission of the Church and the “common good” flows from that. The salvation of souls was likewise not mentioned. Everything was focused on THIS world.

    • Phil Shepherd

      Steve…thanks for popping by Outlaw Theology! In short and in my own opinion, I don’t think that the purpose of the church is to save souls. At one time in my life I did, but not anymore. I think the purpose has many different purposes with exfoliating the Kingdom of God in the here and now by living into the greatest commandment; love the Creator and love the creation (my own paraphrase). This may not be the answer you were hoping from me, but that’s where I am at in my journey at this moment. Thanks again for visiting and I hope to hear from you again.