What’s Next?

Transform Missional Network Southwest Gathering was this past weekend and it left me asking the question of, “What Is Next?” What is next for emergent/missional conversation? What is next phase in the reconstruction of our theologies and churches? What is next if acknowledge our pain and finally begin the healing process? What is next?

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  • Suzanne Stabile

    All great spirituality is about letting go!

  • Brian P.

    Rather than what’s next, why not just live in the moment. What the moment seems to be is a whole lot of dross burning. What’s the fitting response: Is it joy? Is it sorrow? Perhaps the passage read is very much about embracing the present through its dualities in a unity of tension. What’s next is what is. There was a movement away from the rah-rah of the faith into a (different kind of self-centeredness) on the pain. The future is to have pain and joy held in tension, deconstruction and construction in balance. The future is doing a better job of living in the present with compassionate awareness of all.