College Tour Guides: A Brief Sociological Study

OK.  I only have an N of 5.But we just finished our 2nd round of college tours, this time in Philadelphia with friends.  Our crowd included my 2 girls, a rising junior and freshman, my friend Mona, and her 2 daughters, a rising sophomore and freshman who are also my girls’ oldest friends.  We visited University of Pennsylvania, Swarthmore and Villanova.After visiting Northwestern and University of Chicago last trip sans friends—let me tell you it’s a lot more fun with frien … [Read more...]

All Nighter

My 12 year old pulled an all-nighter this week.  Not because he’s working desperately on a school project, but because with summer vacation his sleep schedule’s gone completely wacky.Of course, I feel somewhat to blame.  Because school ended about 2 weeks earlier than normal due to no snow days and an earlier start to the year, I somehow blissfully went along planning my normal work life without seriously thinking about what to do with my youngest child.  After all, he’s 12.  … [Read more...]

Boys’ Work and Dead Chipmunks

I’m a hypocrite.As a Biblical feminist who writes, speaks and teaches about women’s equal call to follow Jesus and build the Kingdom of God, I must confess my practical theology breaks down in certain arenas.Like dead things.All my life I’ve had a pathological fear of dead things, probably stemming from my pathological fear of death developed while very young.Unfortunately for me, animals love to drown in our swimming pool.  Mice, birds, toads, and even a squirrel, have ended their lives in … [Read more...]

Kids’ Cooking Class

As someone who likes to start things (but not always finish them) each summer I create grand goals for family life (last year it was Family Rehab), only to see them wither within weeks, if not days.  Some failures include:Bible Study every morningKids cleaning up every nightOne beach towel/kid/weekAn hour of reading/kid every dayKids learning how to cookThis summer, I'm renewing my last goal.  I feel the need to pass on my best skill to my kids.  To live healthy adult … [Read more...]

Bored and Summer Vacation’s Just Begun

“I’m bored,” said my 12 year old son.About 200 times.My kids have been out of school for 2 whole days, and ennui has already swept my family.  The last day of school came with a big hurrah—my oldest daughter hosted a pool party with 23 high school friends and then we celebrated my middle daughter’s 8th grade graduation.Then she and her father flew to DC for his board meetings and their tagged on father/daughter 14th birthday getaway, leaving me with 2 kids who aren’t enjo … [Read more...]

MacTuan’s Index on a Pool Party

Notice the murky pool--not safe with a gazillion hormonalteens!  Some Stats on Yesterday's Pool Party# of kids Ling said were coming:  20Time I thought they were showing up:  11:30Time Ling popped into the house while I was still having a supervision app't:  10:50# of kids outside my door:  21# of boys:  8# who signed in on my sign-up sheet eventually:  23# of kids who weren't at least part Asian:  4Minutes a girl who signed in stayed at the party: … [Read more...]

Last Day of School Pool Party–What was I Thinking???

"How many kids can I invite to the pool party?" Ling asked over the phone last weekend while I was away on a women's getaway."How many do you want to invite?""About 20.""Um, that's kind of a lot," said I, mostly thinking about how many hot dogs I'd need to buy for a pack of hungry teens."But I don't know who I can cut!""Well, OK, but keep it to 20."She kept it to 26.And of course, this is all my fault.  I'm the one who's been pressuring her to have friends over, to host movie nights, to … [Read more...]

My Theology of Parenting or Why I Gave up Being God

BK (before kids) I met 2 women with vastly differing parenting styles, both of whom rooted their parenting in their beliefs about the nature of God and humankind—their theology.Donna emphasized God’s order and the sinfulness of humanity.  Therefore, providing babies with a structured environment including scheduled feeding, napping, and playing would corral their sinful natures.  The baby was not the center of the universe.  Instead the baby was a part (albeit an important part) of … [Read more...]