MacTuan’s Index on a Pool Party

MacTuan’s Index on a Pool Party June 13, 2012
Notice the murky pool–not safe with a gazillion hormonal

Some Stats on Yesterday’s Pool Party

# of kids Ling said were coming:  20
Time I thought they were showing up:  11:30
Time Ling popped into the house while I was still having a supervision app’t:  10:50
# of kids outside my door:  21
# of boys:  8
# who signed in on my sign-up sheet eventually:  23
# of kids who weren’t at least part Asian:  4
Minutes a girl who signed in stayed at the party:  3  (we spent the next hours wondering where she went, but thankfully knew she wasn’t at the bottom of the pool)
Times I made everyone check to find their buddy:  2
Times I counted to make sure I could see 22 heads in the pool:  30+
Minutes before kids demolished a double serving of Auntie Heather’s Taco Dip and 6 avocados worth of Very Good Guacamole:  5
# of younger kids I was also supposed to be watching but who just took care of themselves:  4
Liters of soda/lemonade drunk:  18

Hamburgers grilled:  24
Hot Dogs grilled:  36
Cups of coleslaw consumed:  1/4
# of hot dog buns chewed on by a squirrel before the party when I wasn’t looking:  2
# of kids who knew that had happened with the squirrel:  0
# of super-soakers being employed almost constantly:  4
# of times kids forgot the cardinal rule “You will not shoot the mother of the party”:  5
Time we said the party would end:  4:00
Time last kids left:  5:50
Time we were supposed to leave the house for Kai’s 8th grade graduation:  6:00
Photos friends took tagged with Ling posted on Facebook:  72
# of kids who drowned:  0  (Thank God!)

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