Chocolate=Lies, Sex=Truth

What does it mean when you desire a hot fudge sundae more than sex with your loving, gorgeous, faithful, and servant-hearted husband?When I was still nursing my 2nd child, I attended a women’s conference with the goal of talking to friends about nurturing my marriage while having zero sex drive.  One friend, a former missionary in Africa, said, “That’s why polygamy always made sense to me.  If one wife is nursing and has no sex drive, the husband can go to another!”I attended the t … [Read more...]

The Best Advice I ever Got

“Please don’t have her ask me to start a college ministry,” I prayed as I met with my pastor Meli to talk about what I’d be doing for my senior year practicum 25 years ago.Meli outlined the internship involving visiting the sick and dying, co-teaching two Sunday school classes, attending staff meetings and retreats and shadowing her through her day.And I kept praying she wouldn’t ask me to start a college ministry.  I had already watched 3 attempts crash and burn, including one where sh … [Read more...]

Reflections the Day after my Birthday

Yesterday I turned 47.  Here are some random thoughts that my birthday brought:1.     There was no 2012 journal on my computer.  I thought I should reflect and pray first thing on my birthday and found no journal.  How could that be?  How could one of my most fundamental spiritual practices have fallen to the wayside to the point where I don’t even have a 2012 journal??  On reflection, I think the journal I started disappeared in my end-of-January h … [Read more...]

Conquering Math One Video at a Time

Math has been my enemy. You’d think I’d like it because Baba’s a physicist with a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and Mama was a physics major and computer programmer way back in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s.  But he did physics to please his father when he would have rather studied politics.  She was a Chinese immigrant who could speak the language of math and science when English was difficult.Growing up, Mama often intoned, “Math and science is the way to make it in the world!  … [Read more...]

Surpassed At Last

Two nights ago I attended a mandatory 2 hour Parent's Driver's Education class so Ling can someday get her license.  She was out with a friend, Scott was out at work, which meant that the younger 2 had to fend for themselves for dinner.When I came home and found them and their dinnerware in front of the TV (seems like these days of April vacation at home that's the default), I noticed that there was something green in their bowls. Not her brussels, but this is what they shouldlook like"What … [Read more...]

3 Reasons I Work For Money

I’m joining the Patheos posts on the Mommy wars, including Rebecca Cusey’s Beyond the Mommy-Wars Bumper Sticker,“Can you cut your trip short and come home?” came the woeful voice over the phone on the first day of my 3rd business trip this spring.“No, I can’t,” I said, “I’m sorry.”“But I NEED you,” said the child. “You’ve got to come home and discipline (sibling’s name)!”Enter a gazillion opportunities to feel guilty with even more judgments.Tina Fey writes in Bossy Pants,“The topi … [Read more...]

Driver’s Ed Week

"Wow, here we go, walking our daughter to Driver's Ed," I said to Scott as we walked with Ling down the street."Just like kindergarten," he said."Another rite of passage. . . sniff,""Um, except I'm big enough to walk away from you guys and have nothing to do with you," said our 5'9 1/2" daughter who did NOT think this was a moment for sentimentality.And I guess it wasn't.  Scott was in his running clothes about to take off on his run.  We accompanied her because we thought we had to … [Read more...]

A Passé Post on the Hunger Games Movie

What does it mean that at the most scary point of The Hunger Games, my son left my side to go sit next to his father?I’m sure you, like most of America, have already seen the movie (It’s made almost $303 million at this point).   We finally went last Saturday on Holy Easter because there was not one movie-sized slot over in the 3 weeks before then.  There was much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth when I said:1.     Ling couldn’t go to the midnight scree … [Read more...]