Surpassed At Last

Surpassed At Last April 20, 2012

Two nights ago I attended a mandatory 2 hour Parent’s Driver’s Education class so Ling can someday get her license.  She was out with a friend, Scott was out at work, which meant that the younger 2 had to fend for themselves for dinner.

When I came home and found them and their dinnerware in front of the TV (seems like these days of April vacation at home that’s the default), I noticed that there was something green in their bowls.

Not her brussels, but this is what they should
look like

“What did you make?” I asked Kai-Kai.

“Brussel sprouts,” said she.

Hmmm. . . Pretty impressive that alongside the Annie’s macaroni, she actually made a vegetable.  Even more impressive that the vegetable was Brussel sprouts.

I went upstairs, saw a few leaves still clinging to the cast iron pan and tasted.

YUM!  Those little leaves were the best tasting Brussel sprouts I’d ever eaten in my life.

I sought her out, “What did you do to those Brussel sprouts?  They’re amazing!”

Eyes sparkling, so delighted she jumped around a bit, she said, “Only a tablespoon of butter, some oil and, can you guess the secret ingredient???”  Unable to hold the secret any longer, “SHALLOTS!”

Wow.  I begged her to make me some, which she kindly did.  More yum.

So I have finally been surpassed in cooking.  My child, at age 14, has invented a brussel sprouts recipe more delicious than any I’ve ever made.  This is what I’ve been waiting for since her birth. . .

On Tuesday our April vacation event was Mirror Mirror, the Snow White movie with Julia Roberts playing the evil queen who, as we all know, is obsessed with remaining unsurpassed in beauty.  I’m the opposite.  I feel sheer delight anytime a kid is better than me at anything, which happens increasingly often including:

  • Ling’s piano skills (give Kai another 6 months and she’ll beat me too)
  • Ren’s Lego/Knex/any gadget engineering (by leaps and bounds, not even close–I only built square houses with my creativity showing in the color scheme of blocks) 
  • Height–both girls tower over me, Ren’s got another year to catch up
  • Athletics–all 3 are far more skilled and active than I ever was as a child

Driving’s coming soon.  From 2 hours of Parent Driver’s Ed, it’s clear that Ling already knows more about the current state of driving than I do (and probably ever did).

Surpassed at last, and it feels good.

Kai’s Brussel Sprouts:

1 bag brussel sprouts, cut in half
1 Tbs. butter
1 Tbs. oil
1 large shallot, minced

Melt butter with oil over medium heat.  Add brussel sprouts and shallots, saute until sprouts are browned (but be careful not to burn the shallots–can add them later if worried)

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