Asian Aging. . . Again

(3 days after posting the greatest cartoon on Asian aging, I unfortunately must report on the next step in my saga)Yesterday Ling and I attended the 1st birthday party for the son of 2 former students, Jas and Jon.  They were married 8 years ago and Ling, Kai and Ren were their flower girls and ring bearer.  It was fun to have Ling tower over this mostly Asian-American, mostly parents-of-young-children crew of partiers and remind them that she was waist high at the wedding.I … [Read more...]

Asian Aging

Folks keep asking me why I'm on the i-diet.Look at the picture below and you'll see the answer:I've always said that Asian women look young, look young, look young, and then all of a sudden look like chimpanzees as their faces collapse into wrinkles.As a peri-menopausal woman, I feel the tug towards that chubby cheeked round pot of a woman and I'm trying to avoid it the best I can, hence the i-diet.Meanwhile, true confessions. . .  I cheated.Not on the diet, I've been doing that daily. … [Read more...]

A Sad Day

Today I’m taking Ren out of camp, skipping my conference call and driving up to Vermont to attend my brother-in-law’s Dad’s funeral.  Pete’s dad passed away Sunday morning after a quick cancerous decline.  Three weeks ago, Pete and my sister rushed up to Vermont to say goodbye, not knowing whether they’d make it in time, but his Dad rallied and hung on.My parents flew into Boston yesterday from Hawaii so they could attend the funeral.  I was surprised they would go to all this effo … [Read more...]

4th of July: Mortification take 2

“I don’t understand why you sent the girls down with water-skis if you weren’t planning on being here to drive the boat,” I said in my most snarky voice to my iphone (I think that’s where the kids get it—see snarkiness blog).  “Um.  I’m not your husband.”“Oh. . .  Really?  You sound like him.”“I guess that’s not surprising,” said my brother-in-law Andy.  “Should I get him?”“Well, you could get him, or you could just blast him for me the way I just blasted you.”Sheesh.&nbs … [Read more...]

Sheer Mortification

Last week, I ran into Vivian, a former student, at Grace Chapel’s VBS.  She was helping with snacks.  We chatted, catching up on our lives, when a thin woman approached.  They talked a little and then the woman said, “Kathy, I want to introduce myself—I’m Liz, your neighbor.”I about sunk through the floor because Scott has introduced us about 4 times in the past 7 years.  But it’s almost always as we pass one another running or walking on the street.In my defense, Liz’s house … [Read more...]


“Duh!”“Really. . .” (not said like a question)“Whatever. . .”These words are the new teenage vocabulary of my home.  A couple of days ago, I found myself correcting a teen at least 5 times for various things she said to various siblings.  In each case, she defended herself, so that my critique sunk to the level of word definitions.Case in point:She:  Next year you should help with worship because you’re overly-enthusiastic.Sibling:  Mom!  _____’s being snarky again.She:&n … [Read more...]

The Problem with Celebrating

Several weeks ago, I posted the resolution that I’m not allowed to buy any new clothing until I’ve lost 5 pounds and maintained it for a week.  At the rate I’m going, I’m not buying new clothes any time soon—maybe even for the rest of my life.The problem?  Celebrating.When Scott and I first married, a friend recommended the cookbook Extending the Table:  A World Community Cookbook, a work of the Mennonite Central Committee.  The premise of the cookbook is that most of the worl … [Read more...]


School’s Out—AACK!But I’m not panicking the way I usually do.  The kids are older.  They’re more self-sufficient. I don’t have to lifeguard them when they hang out at the pool.  They’re capable of biking and walking themselves around town.  Plus, this morning all 3 kids are at Grace Chapel’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) with the 2 girls volunteering and Ren attending for the very last year he’s eligible.  This week’s theme is PandaMania, and Ling even brought the stuffed P … [Read more...]