She Did It! Driver’s License Success!

My daughter passed her driver’s license, and I survived the trauma of teaching her to drive. Read more

Why Am I a… Jesus Follower?

Grace Biskie explains why she is a Jesus Follower. Read more

How Facebook almost Broke Really Bad News: Technology’s Unintended Side-Effects

Pop died while my husband and I were out of town. How to tell the kids became a technological nightmare. Read more

Still Mourning: Be Gentle

Dad died, but life goes on with no way to show the world the loss we’ve suffered. Read more

The Sibling Battle

I find that my kids respond to one another in similar ways that I respond to my husband. Sigh. Read more

Remembering my Father-in-Law

My father-in-law died Thursday, a couple weeks after I told him I loved him the first time. Read more


Home has always been a struggle for me.  When I was young it was plain old unsafe.  As soon as I realized I could spend a great deal of time at my friends’ homes (which was about 7th grade), I did.   I noticed whose homes were safe, whose parents treated me sideways, whose home was warm, stocked & safe and whose was sterile, hostile and unforgiving. I never thought much about what my own home would be like until… Read more

Does God Care What College You Attend?

The “Does God have one college for me?” question’s remarkably similar to the “Is there only one person I should marry?” question. And in both cases, I would say no. Read more


Tonight I started on my 2012 taxes.  You might think I’m so responsible—after all I’m over a month ahead of deadline!  Butthis year, I’ve hit the natural consequences of not keeping on top of our finances—and I may be lucky to turn in our taxes on time. For the first 8 years of our marriage, Scott took care of all the money—paid the bills, balanced our checkbook, took care of our taxes—and I was completely happy with that arrangement.  After… Read more


The problem with being bare, is of course, that bare skin, bare wounds, bare feet leave us incredibly vulnerable to danger of every sort: frost bite, paper cuts, glass shards. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about why I don’t identify as a Feminist which left me incredibly bare.  And even though I wasn’t in the line of fire per se, I felt danger on every side.  It felt scarier than the wounds left from exposed feet &… Read more

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