EGO-(Electing God Out)

So first I am honored to be writing on Patheos and honored that you have joined in the fun of exploring our bigger self.  First let me suggest that I don’t believe ego as part of the whole is bad, in fact when ego takes over it convinces us that we are separate and lonely.  Our practice is understanding human which if you have been following me, know that “Hu” means GOD and “man” means man. So God-man.  When we understand and begin to explore  God, then we can understand the man.  For purposes of this blog, you will see me use the phrase “unconditional love”, or “presence” which stand for God. Our society uses God in many different ways and so you the reader don’t get caught in the word itself, I choose to use different language. But lets be on the same page about this, I am still talking about God.  Good, when we decide not to look at ourselves then we look out and see a conditional existence.  One filled with survival, conditions, power, greed, judgment, criticism, struggle, exclusion, poor me, victim, and many other qualities that bring us down.  Essentially EGO means “electing God out.”

When we live from our whole nature, which we will call spirit then ego is put in its place.  Ego wants to serve spirit, it doesn’t want to lead. It doesn’t know what to do with itself.  So when it is out of control, it separates and creates drama, chaos, addictions, loss of relationships, jobs, friends, etc… it does this to grab our attention. Like a child throwing a tantrum, it wants to be heard and seen.  The tantrum is because the ego is lost without guidance, so we can take a breath now.  Let this tantrum be a red light for you to STOP and LISTEN.  Can you listen to yourself in a conversation? Can you become aware of what you are saying as you are saying it? Can you listen to everything with your full attention in the presence? If you can, then you will begin to hear the tantrum, whining, complaining of yourself (EGO).  When you become aware of it, then you are ready to change.  The change begins with awareness.  Like if your leg is shaking, and you are aware of it. It stops. The more present you become the more you allow spirit to take over your life.

When spirit takes over your life, you will become what I like to call “active presence.”  There is great action in life when your spirit, mind, body, and heart can move as one. It is a great force in the world.  As explained earlier, just put your listening on your speech, actions, thoughts, and watch transformation take place. It sounds simple and at first it may be difficult, but this is the practice.

We have elected God out of our lives because we got caught up in religion, the word God, books, speakers, etc…but you are God-man.  You are here to have dominion over yourself, over your words, actions, behavior, no one else can have power  over you.  In turn, you can not have power over another. So control doesn’t exist, accept over your own life, emotions, actions, and behavior. By simply listening to everything, you will no longer react but respond.  Reaction is the tantrum of somebody not being present.  So when you are present with somebody and they have a tantrum, then you will be a healing space for them.

When you listen to everything as it is, then you will respond from “real love”, a love with no attachments, addictions, judgments, history, or criticisms for the other.  Because you will see them as whole because by listening fully, you are acknowledging your wholeness.

So let life as you listen, breath, and be kind.  The results are infinite.

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