Happy Interdependence Day!!

I prefer to look at 4th of July, not as Independence Day, but as Interdependence Day! So what does that mean in regards to each of us. Well independence which most people talk about represents a separation. For example,” I ended my relationship and now feel great independence from them”, which would mean in someway that the person felt powerless, or couldn’t be themselves, or the relationship had control over them, or they felt less than, or even better than their partner. So they broke up and now the bondage is gone.  Independence also means specialness when I hear it.

We should be celebrating our interdependence with each other. We are connected to one another in a profound way.  So perhaps in the first example, knowing that the person is connected to the other in the relationship that when it ended they could’ve said, “I was blessed to be in a union with that person. Our time together was wonderful, we were able to explore our fears, hurts, wounds, and be with them in a safe new way. And with that growth we can finally move forward. We have grown up in new ways and now we must explore with someone else. Thank you God for this connection.”   Because we are connected to each other, it gives us freedom to explore ourselves and our relationships in new profound ways.  Once we acknowledge this interdependence with each then it allows a space to heal.  We would no longer look at things in our lives as accidents, luck, or superstitions. We would automatically know that it is here on purpose and is perfect for our growth.  Now life as we once knew becomes awesome.  Awesome, in the sense of AWE.  Once you understand that there is nothing to fix, change, or repair then you can get busy playing again.  Life begins to be fun, laughter becomes king, and joy is wonderfully easy.

Say it, “HAPPY INTERDEPENDENCE DAY!”  Sounds good. It sounds good to be connected to you and you and you over there.  Our connection is not a surface thing, superficial thing, a competition thing, or even comparing thing, now we know we  all are in on it. Celebrating life as life.  Not looking to be special, greedy, lustful, or manipulating.  Not comparing old relationships with this one. No longer searching for the one, the great job, wealth, the perfect person, but truly enjoying the connection we have here, together.

So as most people celebrate Independence Day, I hope you celebrate our interdependence with each other.  We are connected beyond the what you see.  Even if you don’t see it.  Life is grand and the surprises are moment to moment.  You are connected to everything all the time.  So what is there to resist, be critical of, judge, condemn, and be negative about.  So come celebrate with me.

Happy Interdependence Day!!!




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