The Good News

It would appear to most of us that if you are reading the newspapers, watching the news, listening to the radio, that everyone is talking about the bad news. There doesn’t seem to be any “good news”. Here and there is a story of someone who overcame their life situation to help a group, or family, or formed a new powerful bond somewhere. But most of all we seem to be told to  live each day in worry, dread, or hopelessness. So where is this “good news”.

The “good news” for me is that you where given a choice. What is the choice? To know yourself. That is great news. Do you awaken each morning with dread- “oh God!”, or do awaken each day with “thank you God”. Because you have a choice. You really do. You can choose to live in fright or understand the “good news” that you are life itself. That you matter, you make a difference, not just for the people out there, but  you make a difference just being here for all of us.  We need you here now, to be present.

I understand at first life can be challenging, sometimes difficult, and yet I also know it can be a wonderful adventure filled with a love that keeps opening itself up to something bigger and that this love keeps giving, inspiring, and having fun.

The only thing you have to choose is to know this love as your life. That is true education, to know oneself. Can you move past what you thought you knew of life? Can you move past what others, the news, is trying to tell you? And listen to the voice inside of you, which is the inward knower. Can you trust that when everything and everyone around you is saying, “No turn around you are going the wrong way.” That you breath, that you become still, listen to the voice inside, and keep walking. Not to be a rebel, or prove that you are right, but because you are listening to the call inside, the movement of nature directing you, using you, and allowing you to express your gifts. Each of us has wonderful unique gifts to bring the planet. The way to know those gifts is to know yourself.

This my friends is the “good news”. This to me is what Robert Frost was expressing in the Road Not Taken.

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood- and I took the one less traveled and that has made all the difference.”

That is the “good news”, the road to knowing who you really are. Are you ready to start your BIG adventure in knowing what love really is, as YOU? I am. It starts now. Come on this will be fun. Our map is to listen to our hearts.

Benefits of knowing yourself:

1. You can start now, start over, and begin at any time in your life. Doesn’t matter your age, race, creed, color, or tradition. Everyone is invited. I love that.

2. There is no such thing as making a mistake, because it all leads to discovery, of a bigger YOU!

3. If while knowing yourself, you hurt, or harm another, with words, actions, or deeds, well you can start over by forgiving.

4. You will love more, laugh more, laugh at yourself more, cry more, and give more.

5. You stop collecting experiences, and start loving the experience as it is.

6. Will you have difficulties sometimes, yes you will, but you will go inside, be still, and listen to the wisdom, rather than fight against it.  I don’t want to give anything else away. You discover it too!

Questions on the quest:


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