To Be Or I Can’t It’s to Difficult

Shakespeare is famous for writing the words, “to be or not to be that is the question.”  Actually I feel the sentence should read, “to be or I can’t it’s to difficult.”  Most people don’t know they have a choice in their life. Because if they did they would make more informed, loving choices.  Yes we talk of free will, and free choice, and yet most people make the same choices, same relationships, same life, worry about the same things, criticize, complain, blame, co-dependent, pick on their mates, find fault in others, and could really care less about change.  So why is it so hard to “know yourself”, more importantly why is it difficult to be fully present.

Well when we are fully present we have to listen. Fully listen to ourselves, others, the world, without any story, wanting to judge, blame, criticize, and worry. We have to take full dominion (responsibility for our emotions, thinking, and speaking). Frankly, as we start becoming aware of who we have been up till now, it scares us. Because we realize that to be present you have to fully love you. Since we haven’t really loved ourselves, it is easier to beat ourselves up, worry, and take that out on others.  That is why it is a practice. When we practice being present, we are learning to love ourselves, thats what “knowing yourself means.” So by listening to everything and allowing the stillness to guide  you in every choice, you live a life of authentic power, no longer thrown from here and there by the old ways, beliefs, mind, stories of what you think is happening, etc…

The difficulty is in not wanting to discover who you really are.  By not discovering who you really are, you look for the love out there. Sometimes you find it, and sometimes you don’t. That is why we are so concerned about what others think about us. Because we haven’t experienced the realization that we are loved and the love we are looking for.  By getting to know yourself truly; you discover the power of now, stillness, and love. You discover who you really are.  So in turn by experiencing the realization of  love, you become comfortable with trusting and being. Pretty cool.

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