God Doesn’t Break You

I just read a fascinating quote, it suggests that God breaks you in order to be the light.  When I observe that, the first thing that stands out is this sense that God is doing something to you, that would be good or bad.  God is ALL presence.  This presence is for you, for life, for love without any conditions.  Yet as we experience our life we run up against wonderful opportunities to expand even further.  So is God breaking us? Or are we surrendering our conditions and allowing the love of God to expand us?

The invitation has been on this blog to be with the BIG LOVE that God is all. That is affirmative, yet it seems in our lives that things some time make no sense, so for example, a situation arises in our life.  Lets say we want the situation to be a certain way. We get excited and then the situation crumbles. So now we call this a problem. Rather than seeing this as an opportunity to be with why we saw this as a problem.  The opportunity here is to open us up to the BIG LOVE.  Its only a problem because the outcome wasn’t what WE wanted, right?  So now we have the opportunity to look at it, be with it, and sit with these emotions and stories in our mind which are pointing to a problem.  Correct? So here we are, hitting a wall, as we look at it, we realize that we have been hitting this same wall for months, years, or maybe decades.  Now God IS LIFE. Meaning God doesn’t compromise, or change.  We have to do that in accordance to the law. So if we are not in harmony with the law then as we come into harmony all the things that don’t serve us, crumble, hence pain.  So if at this point of the investigation you begin to see God as all, then it may occur to you that everything is working for you, and that you are worthy in handling this great opportunity.  That you are an expression of God as love, love reflecting love, so you understand that this so called problem was really an opportunity to see that you are being called to have patience, listen, and change what you are seeing, and how you are seeing it.  There is nothing to fret about.  Worry about once you grasp God as all.

God doesn’t break you, we are being called to let go of our self imposed view of life as small. Expectations are beliefs which are rules about life and how we see it. But God has no rules except to LOVE unconditionally.  So the invitation is to stop playing little God’s and start communing with God. As you commune with God in prayer and meditation, you will have great trust, faith, and love on where you are being led moment to moment. But if you find that you are impatient, want a quick fix, stubborn, then you are probably being led to shutting up and listening now.  But God doesn’t break anyone, we have to be willing to break our self imposed rules about life, by contemplating a BIG LOVE or BIGGER LOVE.

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