Inspirational Words- Pass It On

Inspirational Words- Pass It On July 26, 2012

You are amazing!*Life is infinite* God is Love* We are family*Let your life uplift others*Every few hours pay attention to your breath*Like yourself*You belong*I belong*We belong in this world together*We are all connected*There are no bad people, just forgetful ones*Give yourself a break from your cell phone, computer, friends, family, and go for a long walk*Take yourself out* Be gentle, kind, because you are divine* There is no such thing as fear, only forgetting who you really are* Remember* Love, love, love* Love is giving* Abundance is giving*Heal with laughter and tears*Dance lots* Play drums and make music* Sing often* Explore possibilities* Explore love past what you even thought it could be* Enjoy being naked* Stop lusting after people, material wealth, etc…*Forgive, forgive, forgive and never stop* Life is energy* Thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic* Forget thinking it robs you of life* Use your thoughts when you have too* Observe, notice, feel, and trust* Silence is really golden* Stop talking about others its gross, tell them for goodness sakes*Let what you say inspire yourself and another* Breath* Give, live all the time* Affirm the Truth* Life is about realizing* Who cares how much you know, that is dead weight, tell me what you love and how it makes you feel* Stop telling the world you are failure, not worthy, not deserving, because that is a lie, you can start over now* When you finally find someone you want to be with, don’t be co-dependent, be happy, enjoy, give all you got, and love that God brought you together, and appreciate them always, don’t take them for granted ever, and explore the outer reaches of oneness together* Smile* Smile again* Discover your heart desire and jump into the infinite, beautiful, loving, wings of the angels* This universe is for you always* It is a mystery with a better plan than yours* Forget your age it doesn’t matter really, what matters is that you lived in service, selfless* Don’t be selfish, pride filled, it is a turn off* Let life turn you on* Have sex often, as much as you can, if that is gross to you, get over it* Sometimes when things seem like they are not working, good, you are learning to let go* Struggle, pain help you grow in character and wisdom* The grass is not greener* Give everything away, you can’t go to the grave with it* Sometimes people are gross, and despicable, they don’t mean it ,they are scared* Speak, feel, and communicate from the heart, the head gets you no where* On December 26th 2012 the planet isn’t going to explode-Sorry* A real genius is one who is present, laughs, and doesn’t hold on to anything* Intellectual people are trapped in the mind- GET OUT THERE- we need you in the heart* Mother earth is alive and is life, stop treating her like she is dead and doesn’t care* You can’t find peace by creating war, so stop it* Be child like, not a child* We are equal in unconditional love, all of us, but that has to be discovered by each of us, so get to it* Don’t teach if you don’t walk what you have learned* We are all learning* Grow up, grow out, and get over it* Stay in your business and let your business be between you and God* All resentments, hurts, leave to heaven, you just forgive* Love you, you are loved, and you are light accept it* Don’t resist* Please vote* Be a possibilitarian* Stop labeling people* Yes there are other realms, angels, are not the only ones here* You are not the center of the world either* Amen* Truly

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