Missing You

From my new book called Romancing Love-

I sat there on the curb thinking about you, wondering about this path, as my eyes filled with a mixture of tears, and love. I had thought about marriage and family with you; my sense is, that it is not over.  Although as I sit here, it feels very different. Our love is too strong for it to ever end.  It was then as all these feelings were moving through, that I felt a ray of light fill my face with warmth and comfort.  The light ignited me, inspired me, and I felt I great serene feeling wash over me. I had felt this feeling before, this same feeling of comfort.

Remembering fishing with my grandpa early in the morning.  My grandpa talked a lot in the early morning, my sister always thought he was scaring the fish, but we would always catch our limit.  On one of the crisp mornings, fishing, another older gentleman talked to us about fishing, he explained, “When you throw your line out and get a bite, and you begin to reel it in, sometimes it feels like a big one. So you get excited, and as it gets closer, you realize you caught a small one. So you have to let it go.  No worries kids, sometimes you have to put them back.  When my wife and I met,  I thought I caught a big one, but at the time we both weren’t ready.  So it hurt but she let me go.  I thought about her during that time and trusted we would meet again. About month later, we saw each other, this time we were both ready, and we have been married every since.  Fishing is like love, you have to really love a fish to let it go.  That way you let them swim and discover how big they are. Get it. It always comes back to you, what ever you give away.”   Angels are everywhere. The ray of sun reminding me that right where I am is love, real love. Well to you my love, I will trust we will meet again, and we will both be ready.

I stood up, stretched out my arms and walked away. This time with an assurance that love is guiding me. For the very first time I understood what prayer was.  Prayer is about listening and having faith that there is something bigger unfolding.

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