So… Where is this God who is love?

Life is a process, a process of going from talking about it, listening to it, and then finally walking it.  The process from the known which is everything you have ever accumulated in your life, such stories of the same relationships, same jobs, beliefs, expectations, needs, co-dependence, addictions, behaviors, bias, judgments, criticisms, self-hate, humiliation, abuse toward self and others, family, friends, blame, complaining, worry, with-holding, white lies, dark lies, etc…all of it.  Plus all the books, workshops, lectures, seminars, services, inspirational messages, motivational, prayers, meditations, and uplifting talks, and be able to jump from there to the complete unknown. To leave an intellectual understanding of God to leap into the heart of pure love, mystery, and happiness which doesn’t depend on the outside world at all. God can not be found in the mind, in the rational, the linear, the intellect, the past, future, in the other person, and yet it is everywhere at once. What a wonderful paradox and yet can not be found anywhere except here.  Life is wonderful because we begin to see that what we are seeing isn’t the truth, it is masked by the story we are telling about it.

Great many people are suggesting that we are not the thoughts, body, that we are not found inside the body, and that we are not the center of the universe.  That in fact we are connected to the whole.  And because we are part of the whole we have to listen.  But we don’t want to listen, we want relief from the pain, struggle, we want a quick fix, we like our tantrums, poor me’s, and  you will not find it on this path.  Most people learn positive language not because they want to be positive but because they want something that they feel they don’t have.  They affirm to believe, rather than looking at the belief, and realizing that you are love.  You are abundance.  That is who you naturally are.  There is nothing else suggesting that you are not; except your unobserved mind.

You must be strong on this path, not nice, people pleasing, or the good child.  Those are meant for the world.  Jesus spoke the affirming truth all the time. Many people did not like it and same with Buddha.  When you speak from the Truth, which is not your little small minded truth about things, but a bigger TRUTH, then you will see people will be displeased. Why is that? Mainly because most people don’t want to change. They say they do, but really they just want something, or someone to save them from their little selves.

So, where is this God who is love?  You would love for me to tell you, but then it would appear that I know something, and frankly, discovering God, faith, trust, and growing in this Truth is a moment to moment thing.  Which takes patience, honesty with yourself and others, and lots of forgiveness. Love is endless, infinite, and no body can hold your hand getting there. Not your priest, minister, or master. You have to give up your garbage, your beliefs, your crap, your disgust, and be HONEST. Honesty would say, “I don’t know where I am going now, but I am going to walk forward and trust that this is where I should be now.”  Perhaps the question should actually be, “Not, where is this God which I place my blame? rather, I don’t know God, and I want to know God now, or perhaps, Who am I really?”  No one can tell you something of this great Truth, it is unfolding, but they can lead you there, share their experience with you,  but you have to go the rest of the way. If you don’t want too, that is fine. Don’t go. But don’t put down people because they are going down the that road “less traveled”, because it scares you. It frightens you.  Don’t throw stones. In fact take the one out your eye and look at it please. You are the issue- IS YOU.


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