What the World Won’t Tell You

3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good.” Genesis 1 3-4

As you sit in front of your television tonight, you will be reminded over an over of how you are not enough. It is of no fault of the media or advertisers either.  They need to sell products to you. If you felt like you were enough, what would you buy? What would you invest in?  The insurance companies know the likelihood of you ever having to use their services is pretty small in your life time, but they know you worry and you feel less than, most of your day.  So they go to your biggest fear and sell you protection.  The world is of no surprise to anyone. It is built on competition, comparison, war, and all that starts right where you are. So if you knew you were enough, really knew it, where would you put your energy? Have you contemplated that? Have you even thought about it?

Because the world media uses the same tactics as your mind. They repeat stories over and over, show you images, idea’s, bias, judgments, and as you watch TV tonight,  you’ll see them, how do you feel inside yourself when you watch the TV? Do you feel powerless? Not enough? Do you see the commercial of a man who is sick, and so he takes some medication, some quick fix, some easy way to move on, so he can go right back into the world and follow the rest of us.  The world doesn’t need followers anymore, it needs leaders. It needs heart leaders. It needs you to wake up, but that is difficult, so use the quick fix.

Let me offer you another way to look at yourself.  In Genesis 1, 3-4, it says, “3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good.” So you are light and because of that, you are good. Where is that good? Do you know?  Ask yourself, “How does God see me? How does God see this situation? How does God see this world?” And from there you will be able to serve a bigger purpose.

Life is good but needs to be discovered. We aren’t here to love our selves or accept our selves, we are here to accept that life is change.  If you can accept life as change, that you are in flux, then you can make a conscious choice to rest in the changeless.  When that happens, then you will be able to see that we are here for God (Unconditional Love).  Then you will begin to see the light you are. Amen.

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