The Naked Mystic: Total Recall

Each of us, whether we notice it or not, want to admit it to anyone or not, something is happening. We are in the middle of something amazing.  Do you feel it? Are you wondering what it is? IT’S YOU, AND I, understanding that we are connected.  We are one family.  Have you noticed that you are tired of waiting to be happy? That now you can just be happy, no matter what is happening.  Are you laughing more?  Are you gaining insights? Are you noticing that people who used to annoy you are now becoming easier to handle?  Welcome home.  We have been waiting for you. You are involved in a wonderful process right now, and you know what, YOU ARE OKAY and WILL BE OKAY.

You are experiencing a TOTAL RECALL of who you really are.  In the discovery of who you really are, you are finally let the “who you are not” fall away.  Your breath is becoming your guide, alter to the heart, and life force.  Your breath is becoming your spiritual practice.  Your breath guides your thoughts, your thoughts don’t guide your breath.  Controlling others, blaming, shame is falling away.  Forgiveness is becoming easier and understanding who you are is loosening.  Worry no longer makes sense. Living the conditioned dream is falling away. The race tot he alter, finding a mate, having two kids, consuming, is showing us what it really was; a story.  The story of who we are is simply that, a story.  Are you tired of telling a story?  “Take no thought for your life”, proclaims Jesus, sit with that, very profound.  The waiting was never real. Wait till tomorrow was the lie, waiting for the mate is a lie, waiting for the right time was never real, waiting for the checks, waiting for the job, waiting for a partner, waiting to be liked, waiting for a relationship,  waiting to die,  waiting to live, all just a story. The presence never waits.  Life IS and you ARE.

Clips from TOTAL RECALL the movies below:

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