The Naked Mystic: Bringing Equality?

Many religions teach the wrath of God, or a God that is good and bad, or one that chooses who will come to heaven and who will not. These concept can appear to be very convincing and in fact some religions do a great job using fear to motivate its followers, do what we say or God will do this.  Let me offer a reframe on the feeling of God.

Our heart is the source of all life.  Not only in the physical body but also in the spiritual body. When Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights wrestling in the desert with himself.  So what was Jesus wrestling with as the man. He  was wrestling with the brain and his spirituality.  He was wrestling with the devil which is the crazy thinker, cray mind, ego, small minded loud voice most of us hear daily.  After those forty days of wrestling within himself, he started his mission with his apostles. HE understood the transformative power of the heart.  His mission was to heal sick and raise the dead. Which he could do and he taught his disciples to do.  How did he accomplish this mission. He got straight with himself.  He wrestles the beast, now that is strength.  Same with Buddha, same with many mystic’s.  To leave the thinker  and drop into the heart as the leader.

My point here is that the heart brings things back into equality.  When you are disconnected from your heart, depending on how far you are is dependent on how much will be disrupted in your comfortable life.  Our work, practice is re-learning to live from our hearts and trust our feelings more than our loud thoughts. That is faith. To have faith in your heart more than your head, more than what others think, more than what is falling apart, to stay in the heart, so stay inside yourself and let God guide you. The cosmic heart.

So my feeling is God is not going to send you to hell, but you send yourself there on how you choose to live. Living from your head and staying disconnected from your heart is easy. Everyone does it. By living this way, you don’t care about happiness, you care about being right.  We all know how that feels to be right all the time, it is pretty lonely.

Real equality is found in your heart not your head.  How you feel matters, because it points out how you are thinking. So forgive yourself with God, for all you have created in your mind that has caused turmoil, distrust, unrest in you. Ask for wisdom to live from your heart, ask to remember Real love.  Ask and it will be given.  Each of you is God and Goddess.  The argument has never been about spiritual or human, that is given. We are both spiritual and human, to negate that is to be ignorant, and ignorance is not bliss it is ignoring the Truth, and we are not here to be stupid and ignorant.  When we embrace the feminine and masculine, human and spiritual, then we can see that we are God and Goddess.  Heaven and Hell is within and needs to be resolved. It is hell to be separate from your own heart, isn’t? Because by choosing to be separate from your heart which welcomes everyone, means that you are separate from  ALL which for our example is God the Cosmic Heart.

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