The Naked Mystic: “What If” just a rambling

We spend lots of time thinking about the path.  Or a path, or spiritual vs human, and yet we negate that the word “human” simply means GOD-MAN.  So it is not so much about whether we are human or spiritual, whether we are religious or not, whether there is a God or no God, whether we believe or don’t, all of that is a thinking man’s way of living. Living a life in thought, labels, bias, judgements, creating a right and wrong, eye for eye platform. The experience most people are searching for more then ever is FREEDOM, complete freedom from the “storyteller.”  The storyteller which is constantly creating a story of out there. What could possibly be happening out there? Unless it is happening in here. So I have written a series of “What if”.

“What if” all your beliefs are wrong.

“What if” you are here to realize that you are a God/Goddess and that is your purpose. A God/Goddess connected to the whole, where all is included and none are left out. Life is honored.

“What if” every complaint, blame, gossip, judgement, story, manipulation, about another was really about you, was really helping you to understand who you are.

“What if” there really is no victims in the world.

“What if” there really are no enemies, no such thing as eye for eye, no separation.

“What if”  you are here to understand each other and yourself, more than anything else.

“What if” rather than apologizing for being a man or woman, or masculine or feminine,  we are simply here to understand the masculine and feminine as equal.  And stop apologizing for both of them.

“What if” being right and making someone wrong, or making someone wrong for you to be right was  ridiculous. Because it is suggesting that your story is better than theirs or vice versa.

“What if” you both had the right to be happy, and being right was not an option.

“What if” in here and out there were the same.

“What if” the observer and the observed were the same.

“What if” oneness meant that you are the expression of the one.

“What if” your body and brain were the transportation for the that expression only.

“What if” the MInd and brain were different.

“What if” thinking wasn’t worshipped so much, but rather used as way of being.

“What if” Mother nature was your church, and your heart was the religion.

“What if” the masculine and feminine were seen as one.

“What if” there could be powerful masculine woman and feminine men and both were recognized as strong, equal, and celebrated.

“What if” we encouraged our children to be the beautiful artist that they are, rather than trying to make them be us.

“What if” to serve Mother earth, humanity, and others in good way was celebrated, and those who lived to exclude and be greedy were looked down upon and not celebrated.

“What if” walking the walk in loving ourselves and others was acceptable behavior.

“What if” we celebrated a couple of minutes of silence so we could hear correctly.

“What if” you had to take 3 months of training in school if you were going to have a baby on this planet.  Self-love, compassion, understanding, and anything else that would help a parent blossom a child.

“What if” you slapped a child, abused them with language, physical, mental, that you would be sentenced to one year of school where you would be taught in  forgiveness, self love, compassion, being with your own darkness, dealing with your hurts, rejections, shame, and guilt.

“What if” in second grade all boys had to watch babies being born to learn about life itself, the importance of the feminine and masculine.

“What if” you were reading this and became so angry, that you forgot it was a “what if”.



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