Fox News/CNN Good Storytellers?

I used to go camping with my family and friends. We would sit around the campfire and tell stories.  I loved it because I knew it was made-up and that it was story they were telling. We ate Smores and laughed but there was a moment in the story when we forgot to laugh.  When we forgot that it was story they were telling us.  Then the story went off track and we all remembered, “That is ridiculous, that couldn’t happen”.  As a kids we loved to be chased and scared, because we know it is all made up.

Well somewhere along the line of growing up from my child hood to adult hood something happened and we forgot as a society to remember that we are being told a story, a narrative to follow.  We turn on our TV’s after the debate, or speeches, or  the convention and see men and woman dressed up in dresses and suits who look nice and appear to be knowing something that we don’t.  Each of them just watched the same thing we did and yet what they saw was filled with drama, chaos, and a world on the verge of falling apart.  And yet as a society we don’t question the story they are telling us.  In order to make the next month exciting in the campaign they have to make the story BIG, LOUD, and a CLIFF HANGER. Why else would we care?

Here is a good example of the story.  I don’t care what way you vote that is your belief, what I care about is why we let the story drive us, cause chaos in our life, instead of looking at the facts.  Here is my example, Romney tells us a wonderful story of how much he cares for our country, yet he is caught secretly telling others that he really doesn’t. Okay that actually happened, fact. When asked about it he in turn justifies why he did it and stands by it. No apology.  Cut to yesterday, the story changes that he won a victory in the debate, so now he apologies to the American people about his comments, now that he feels he won a debate.  That is the symbol of gross.  As politicians they are servants to this country and serve everyone, not their party,not lobbyists, not anything but this country and the highest best place for it.  Your public life and private life should be one, not two.

So now we are all sitting around TV’s, like I did around a campfire as a kid and forgetting that we are being fed stories.  We need to start to change our stories, and those stories are changed by our own consciousness.  Till consciousness changes we will be unable to change our society, which by the way is for the 100%, which is on our money for goodness sake, “E Pluribus unum” which means out of many, one.  We are one nation under God, or we hold these truths to be self evident that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, not some men.

My hope is that both CNN and FOX News stop telling and creating stories and start reporting. .  Also, memo to the politicians, we see you and see who you really are.  Just because you are running for office of any kind doesn’t give you the right to lie about another, to twist facts, this country was founded on the rights of everyman, and yes each person here matters.  Just be honest, and let us figure it out.  We teach our children to speak the truth, people go to spiritual practices to speak the truth, and yet it is somehow awesome to lie about another. Bravo (Sarcasm).  Stop being children and be MEN. Be authentic, open, sincere, honest, everyone in this country knows that state we are in.  We are not dumb. But change takes patience, not force.

Please stop telling stories about the other and start letting us know what you will actual do. I don’t care about blue/red states, I don’t care if you go to Sunday Church or not; because if you were devote and believed in something higher, than you would take the high road and stop taken the easy road, I care about innovation, I care about freedom, I care about the whole of humanity, I care about why the wealthiest companies don’t give 5% of their income to end homelessness, I care about families, kids, Dad’s, Mom’s who are moving toward a better society, I care about independence, and would like to end our co-dependence on oil so when I wake up in the morning I am not surprised by a .20 cent hike in gas for no apparent reason. Forget the stories of us and them, democrat and republican, good or bad, please end the story of lobbyists, and work together. HOW CAN YOU GUYS WORK TOGETHER? All of us work in jobs where we have to work with people who we disagree with, so suck it up and work together not for you, but for US- THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Being president of the United States is not a prize to put on your mantle like a trophy. This is real. This is about real people.  I care about why our teachers don’t have salaries like athletes, why people abuse other people, why we still have War, why other countries matter more than our country, this election should be how we come together. We watched the last 2 years of the Republicans and Democrats not willing to work with the president. Can somebody please fire people in leadership roles who don’t want to work with other?


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