In response to CNN article, “Spiritual but not Religious Danger”

All religions are perspective’s of the truth, dogma is man’s law, and yet we are evolving past laws that inhibit the feminine to grow and blossom and be nurtured within the religious dogma.  Most people are turned off by religions who are failing to grow with the evolution of consciousness.  Most religion has worked hard to cut our cords from ourselves by creating guilt. Once someone experiences guilt, they are cut off from their heart, and feel a sense of loneliness and attack from out there.  They then fail to experience the joy they are, because they feel such a disconnect from themselves that they suffer.  Stories fed to them by the writings, by ego, by man’s power over another, in religion.  It is outdated, power over another is ego, not love, not unconditional love. Excluding woman, gays, is ego, not love.  The very essence of existence is creation, acceptance, and balance.

We are in a wonderful period where most people are becoming conscious of consciousness and because of this they are allowing the shift to take place on this planet which is much needed. Guilt has been a wonderful tool of power by most religions, I have power over you and you can’t do anything until you are saved. But you can’t be saved until you see your sin’s, which were created before you came here. Crazy, insane, talk.

Consciousness is a motion activated by our desire (emotion).  That desire to create is feminine..  All religions that are based on the masculine and leave out the feminine are falling away, and the real church is coming forward. Which is Mother nature, the great Mother, the feminine, the creator, and it is what we tap into when we meditate and pray.  Our religion is wholeness, inclusion, unconditional love, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, kindness, and joy, which every master has discovered for herself/himself, and then entered into service.  So the discovery is made within first then we bring it out.  It is difficult to become a Yoga instructor if you do not understand within first for example, Yoga is not about the body only and how you look, it is about the merging of the spiritual/human, feminine/masculine, the whole of nature as your life. To recognize existence as your life and the whole, that you belong, exist in it.  Nature teaches us our nature.    You treat others kindly and receive kindness.  Our new religion is spiritual, it is the inner essence in ourselves coming together to celebrate with its essence outside. Inner and outer are one. True empowerment.

We are both spiritual and human in nature, but most people have been cut off from their source through religion, school, politics, more or less a conditional society based on struggle, punishment  to achieve happiness. Fear has been the religion of our time, and fear is an opinion of consciousness.  As this consciousness is evolving and more people are connecting to the singular energy, we are discovering that the Temples which we have yearned for out there is really located in here, we call it contemplation (With Temple), which means we are Temples of God/Goddess consciousness inside, but all great temples must be discovered and so people are going in to discover their inner beauty, the inner existence.

Now to the point of negating ourselves to focus on positive feelings or feeling the source, I disagree with your assessment.  As people connect to the source they have to deal with their stuff, and everyone has too.  That is part of coming home.  We have tools for this called forgiveness, compassion, kindness, for ourselves and others.  When you have positive, you will have negative, but in a spiritual practice as you evolve then you begin to understand that Life Is and the charge of self-help positive/negative is helpful for the beginning of the road map, but becomes laughable as you grow.   We create hell or heaven now, and then tell stories about it.  It is quite laughable that we forgot that we created religion, dogma, which were and are very effective for the beginner.  But people now are yearning to merge feminine and masculine, they are thriving for wholeness more than anything, they are craving to just be themselves, and most religions are based on looking for a God out there, life out there, a man out there, and yet the Temple is within. The temple is quiet and simple, but in the quiet comes great works that help humanity not just the self. We are all channels of consciousness, learning to get out of the way of ourselves; which take tremendous dedication and humility.

As a whole we are re-creating what we have created.  The numbers of people who are spiritual in nature are coming home and shifting the old ways. Soon most religions who exclude gays, woman, freedom, will crumble because they don’t match the consciousness of inclusion. In our individual relationships with ourselves we are examining our exclusion within ourselves and with friends and family. Exclusion or ME living is falling away. A good example is I am recently divorced, which in most religions is frowned upon and devalued but what I know is that I am never divorced from consciousness, so it is made up by man.

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