The Vision For The World

There seems to be great divide among the earth, a separation of sorts happening.  Can you feel it? Is that divide happening in you?  Bring your attention to your heart, and focus your breath there. Act as though your breath can only come through your heart; through your inhale and exit with your exhale.

We are breathing in and exhaling exciting times now, but with excitement comes the thrill of adventure, and with adventure comes faith.  There is only one flame that burns throughout this cosmos, and you connecting to it is vital to Mother Earth.  We have created with our imaginations collectively a world that appears to be in separation, conflict, and great divide. Yet we have forgotten that we are creators, creating from either our WILL or the ONE Lights WILL. Your sound is sacred and vibration carries many levels of light.  Our attention is like a BEAM of light, so by putting your attention on “I” and “Mine” you lose the frequency of the full light and create more separation. We have played this play out for over thousands of years. We are leaving FEAR and falling into FAITH. This is not a dogma, or new dogma I am writing about here.

This fear to faith is happening in you. Many masters, teachers of truth, guides, have brought us here, but now each one of us is being called to open the door, “I AM THE LIGHT THE WORLD.”  This journey is not for cowards, weak of heart, or wimps.  By opening the door within, you decree, “I CHOOSE TO STAND IN THE LIGHT.” Out of 7 billion people getting this call now around the globe, maybe one million will leave all fear for faith. Complete faith. The type of Faith where you are not enticed by the world.  In faith you will be challenged to leave behind and forgive the past, yourself; leave behind blame, war,  criticism, judgement, gossip, hate, victimhood, etc… and rely on the Soul’s inner feeling guidance.  Which can only be heard in silence.

You must go inside and rid yourself of all fear.  So you can stand in Light.  There will be obstacles and you will be called to trust in your feelings, guidance, and uncover the question, “Why am I frightened to be all one?” All perfection will be wiped out, and a sense of purpose will be uncovered.  Are you ready?

The map to get home is discussed in the small book called THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING

Amazon: The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening


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