Awareness Changes Everything

After you have been to workshops, read books, gone to motivational speakers, at some point you may realize that information is not knowledge. So where to start, because it is time for you to practice all the information you have memorized and allow it to live in you.

Awareness is a wonderful key, in fact it is the key to it all.  Can you become aware of the storyteller in your head? The constant little me wanting to talk about everything.  Now as you bring attention to the storyteller in the mind, can you witness it, with no attachment, or are you feeling that as you witness it, you feel attached to it. The attachment is identity. Just witness the storyteller, witness the feelings that may be coming up, witness your body, and allow it to unfold as it is.  This simple way of being in the world will begin to shift your perspective.

Soon you will begin to witness how you are in relationship to others, to money, to health, tot he planet, but first start where you are now and witness the assumptions the storyteller is making all the time and watch how easily you become swayed by the story in the mind with every questioning it.



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