The End To The Story

We live in a world designed and created by story, both from the individual and collective.  From the very beginning we search for meaning, create meaning, and then say this is the way it is.  Our economy is based on a story of separation, our government which was designed for the whole is now becoming a story of us against them, separation has been sweeping this planet for thousands of years, we have designed a society to battle each others, compete, compare, and judge.  All which starts within.  But we are conditioned to look out there to those people and act powerless.

As many people are starting to go inward and really be with their own feelings, sensations, thoughts, energy, we are starting to see a battle emerging on this planet that we have never witnessed.  A battle over the stories that we collected and entertained that fit a small few.  We are evolving at alarming rate right now and the stories of separation don’t work.  As more light energizes the planet, mother earth is calling us all home.  We need to start tending to her.  Otherwise she will use our bodies to fertilize herself again, and start over.  Separation is just story, which is produced from ignorance, and pride.  It takes a very pride filled person to not look at them selves and go inward.

We have control over how we choose to be in the world.  I may not be able to change events out there but I can choose to respond to them in side myself in a new way.  The economy of Europe is on the brink of destruction, America’s political system is caught in pride and arrogance, politicians caught up in the label of their group rather than being of service to the whole, media is caught up in debating, judging, gossiping rather than dialoging, corporations are more concerned with money then helping, and yet all of these stories can end when a few people stand up in courage and say no more.

If we want our politicians to be accountable then like athletes we should see their financial income and where it goes and who gives money to them. As servants to the country, we should know who they are serving.  Our dollar bill says, IN GOD WE TRUST.  But we don’t. We don’t trust the signals we are being sent now on this planet, we keep avoiding them.

I miss authentic leaders who cared about mother earth, children, helping, serving, leading from the heart, and taking into account life on this planet.  We live in a living a planet. IT IS ALIVE. Mother Earth is real, alive, and we need to start attending to here now.

We need to get over our stories of separation as individuals. We do this by going inside and listening to the silence.  Letting the silence be, and if we talk, that our words are adding to the beauty of silence, that our actions are driven by love, and that affection and forgiveness become who we are. God bless this planet, God bless you, and God bless your stories.


David Matthew Brown is the author of THE BOOK OF LIGHT:THE HEART OPENING, a contributing blogger on Patheos, speaker, counselor, and healer.




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