Vulnerability Is Safe

Vulnerability is safe. When we enter fully into the presence as is and allow the unfolding to take place, we move with grace. The outside world has its ups and downs, but if we are connected to the inner world, the outside is just the outside. I understand from a metaphysical perspective that all is one and the inner reflects the outer.

Vulnerability is being open now.  That doesn’t mean you allow the world to walk on you, it actually means awareness is allowed to live moment to moment and handles each situation from now.  To live from now, is pure awareness.  No past, future to guide us, no us against them, no inner conflict, just purely living now as is.  Awareness is a place before the label happens.  So from this place we are able to manage and listen to our inner guidance from now. From now is all that is.

The mind when in a place of constantly thinking dislikes vulnerability and manages to convince us that we need to defend, get worried, can’t handle anything, as a way to separate us from the whole.  Awareness from now, is the the whole.

The mind in its storytelling wants us to believe that playing games is the way to go. That way we won’t be hurt, nobody will be hurt, the funny part is the story is the only thing that can get hurt, because it is wrapped in a identity from the past.  Playing games whether we are conscious of it or not is the way the intellect defends. An intellectual although praised by our society is trapped in the intellect or intel, which it uses as a defense against the newness of life.

Most people collect information whether in spiritual circles, politics, news, religion, etc… and call it knowledge. Knowledge is found in the vulnerability of awareness. Awareness from now. Stand in awareness, look out with wonder, awe, and love because you are connected to everything. You are safe.

David Matthew Brown is the author of THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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