Faith Is Worthiness

Can you stand in faith and look past what you think you are seeing, and see it made new, can you?  There must be something to this thing called love. Everyone wants it, talks about it, and is looking for it even as you read this.  Some people have professed that they found it, some have suggested they lost it, some can’t stand it, while others don’t really care about any of it. I have been through all of these transitions in my life.  And what I have arrived out is that Love is a moment by moment experience.  In the bible,  God is described as the Shepherd. We are being led.  In a world where being special, different, separate, loud, aggressive, is appreciated more than just being love, it can be quite difficult to want to have faith in Love.  But faith is your worthiness.  Fear loves unworthiness, separation, and yet on your death bed, the breath which you take for granted even now, which is breathing you, will leave. As that realization hits you, your body  becomes light and all the judgments you had about being separate fall away, and for a brief moment you come into pure love.

No more fighting, defending, being right, feeling wrong, just purity.  So can you stand in Faith that right where you are, your heart is being led. Can you do this before you physically die? Can you choose to die to your own judgments of the world, your own self-hate, self-punishment, and put that down to embrace your true purpose. Can you?  You have a choice?

Can you experience the beauty of now, without your judgment of it?  Without having to read other people’s books on it. Can you choose to discover the love that you are? Who are you without your judgments? Sit with that. Who are you without judgements?  Every time you say, “Them, those, you, etc…” you are really pointing judgement on yourself. Your hate for another, is your hate for yourself. Your punishment on another is your punishment on yourself.  Now am I excusing behavior of people who harm another, no I am not. But if you are reading this now, you are ready to experience you as Love. You are ready to be shepherded by God.

Here is a tool to help you, when you find yourself in your day caught up in the mind, stop, recognize, and breath. Focus on your breath for a minute and say to yourself, “Be not afraid, I come before you”.


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